CubicleSoft is a small business that develops software products. The software I develop is built for those who sit in cubicles all day long, hence the name CubicleSoft. My original primary business plan was to do what most software businesses do - throw everything against a wall and see what sticks. I was constantly trying random things and obviously wasn't working very well.

I recently changed tactics and I'm moving forward on a primarily web-based platform, building the necessary pieces of a very large project. Each piece is building toward a final objective and is much more focused as a result.

Current Products/Projects

My current product line is pretty extensive for a single developer. Each project is carefully crafted for the enterprise. This is the list of products I am actively developing/maintaining:

I can only work on one project at a time, although several of the above share common components, thus upgrading them becomes easier. I have a very specific objective with these products and, well, all shall be revealed publicly in the next couple years but you might already be able to guess where I'm headed.

A number of these projects are also available on GitHub.

Getting Technical Support

Providing technical support is an important part of software development. Each of the actively developed products above have their own official support channels (forum, issue tracker, etc) and I monitor them regularly. Please use those where available.

If the official support channel is down or unavailable or you've found a security vulnerability in a product, please reach out to me directly about those issues at support@cubiclesoft.com so that the problem can get fixed. Don't send me help requests outside of the official support channels.

Other Products/Projects

These are some former projects that I've put on the ol' mental back burner due to not having enough time to work on them.

I've got some great ideas to revive some of these projects but I'm just one programmer and the enhancements I'd like to see would require huge refactoring of the respective code bases.

If you need to contact me about any of these products, e-mail support@cubiclesoft.com.

Completed Dead

These projects are no longer relevant. I had fun developing them but I either found an alternate solution or simply shut them down.

I've got a few other minor dead projects too.

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